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Your World by Lorenzo Quinn in 2022 on Lake Iseo

First Venice, now Lake Iseo. Lorenzo Quinn’s installations in Italy. The installation Your World by Lorenzo Quinn in 2022 on Lake Iseo.

Lake Iseo 2022 Your World

Your World is the title of Lorenzo Quinn’s new installation in Lake Iseo. Two huge hands emerge from the middle of the lake and hold the globe. The continents are covered in green. This is what the new installation by Lorenzo Quinn will look like, which will rise in 2022 in front of the shores of Sulzano on Lake Iseo. Our planet earth is carried by two monumental hands.

The message:

The big hands that come out of the water symbolize the power of humanity to save or destroy mother earth. We need strong hands that support the world and defend the environment from destruction. We need every hand that ensures sustainability. It’s our world, it’s in the hands of every single human. The installation Your World is largely made of recycled plastic. We produce plastic and thus suffocate the world in which we live.
In order to symbolically begin recycling, each visitor to the installation should give a plastic bottle as an entry fee. In return, the visitor receives a seed to plant.

Previous installations by Lorenzo Quinn in Italy

2020 Florence – Give

Two large lying hands lie together on a small green island under an olive tree in the Boboli Gardens in Florence. It is a woman’s and a man’s hand that hold each other. The sculpture is made of resin and recycled material.

The Message: In order to receive in life, one has to give. The earth gives us life and food. Let’s respect it and don’t destroy it! The olive tree is the symbol of peace.
The installation Give was exhibited in Palermo in front of the Cathedral from 2020, December 19 to 2021 March 31. Unfortunately, only a few visitors can admire it under Corona conditions.

2017 and 2019 Venice – Support and The Bridge

Venice has already twice enjoyed Lorenzo Quinn’s installations:

In 2017, in Venice, two gigantic hands protruded from the Grand Canal between the gondolas to support an old Venetian palace on the Canal Grande. The 9 m tall hands symbolically “Support” the Palazzo del Trecento. It is located on the Canal Grande and houses the Hotel Ca’ Sagredo. Venice is fragile, climate change and decay, over-tourism by cruise ships are destroying the lagoon.

In 2019, Lorenzo Quinn installed the installation Building Bridge on the occasion of the Venice Art Biennale. At the entrance to the Arsenale, six pairs of hands formed an enormous bridge 20 meters long and 15 meters high. The image of the bridge pays homage to Venice as a world heritage site and the city of bridges. It is a message of peace to build bridges around the world instead of walls and barriers.

Lorenzo Quinn – The Artist of Hands

Hands are the symbol that made Lorenzo Quinn famous in the world. Lorenzo Quinn wants to send messages with his hands and stimulate thought: about nature, sustainability, climate change, our values ​​and our actions. Let us use our hands to defend the earth instead of destroying it.

Lorenzo Quinn was born in Rome in 1966. He is the son of famous actor Anthony Quinn, who died in 2001. He became famous with his installations of giant hands. In all of his works of art, he calls for peace and careful treatment of our environment. It has become an artist of the hands. Hands can act. Quinn says: “Hands have great power, they have the power to love, hate, create and destroy.”
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The Floating Piers by Christo and Jeanne-Claude

Lake Iseo already became an international topic of conversation in 2016 when Christo and Jeanne-Claude paved a path across the lake with the installation The Floating Piers.

You could walk across the lake for two weeks in June 2016. Anyone who had the luck to experience this event with their own senses remains a very emotional experience. Lake Iseo with the island of Monte Isola offers a wonderful backdrop.

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