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Holidays in Italy – Cheap and Safe in the Times of Corona

River Adda at Cassano in Lombardy

Holidays in Italy – Our Proposals for Couples and Families

Dear Amici of Italy,

The holiday season is about to start and many are wondering how it is still possible to go on vacation in Italy safely but cheaply. We are also very concerned about this, as we are on-site and know where to find wonderful relaxation and discover a lot of new things in beautiful nature, a little bit off the beaten track.
Our idea if you arrive in your own car and maybe even bring your bikes:
The beautiful Adda River flows between Milan and Bergamo. There is a lot to discover here, from the historic hydropower plants along the river to World Heritage.

We have found great accommodations for you, e.g. two inexpensive apartments in a small town on the river Adda, each for max. 4 people and fully equipped. The apartments have just been completely reconstructed and you can get them for the first time, so to speak.
Or you can take a room in a real Castel of the ducal family of Milan, which has been converted into a hotel and where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Adda and the Alps.
Or how about a room in a real villa on the Adda River. The villa belonged to a rich noble family and dates from the 11th century.
What activities we recommend:
You can take short and long walks or bike tours on the paths along the Adda and the Naviglio Martesana. It is a pleasure in nature for the whole family. Besides, there is a lot to discover because the Adda was Leonardo da Vinci’s favorite river.
For the kids there is the large amusement park Leolandia and an attractive zoo just a few kilometers away.
You are halfway between Milan and Bergamo. We can organize a private bike tour in Milan and a private tour on foot in Bergamo. Bergamo is too steep for bike tours. But from the upper town you have a wonderful view over the Padana.
Since you come to an area where there is (still) no tourism, you can eat very well and cheaply. We can reserve for you in a local agriturismo with its own animal husbandry (reservation is essential) or in a hidden trattoria in the country.

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