Newsticker: 2020-06-20

The Cinque Terre after Corona

Italy is Ready for Tourists

Dear Amici of Italy,

We traveled to the Cinque Terre to explore the local situation after Corona. It’s just beautiful and up to now there are very few travellers. The five picturesque Ligurian villages were spared from Corona, but the strict restrictions were still applied here. Since the beginning of June, it has become possible to move freely between the Italian regions, since then only a few Italian tourists have come here. Even on the main hiking trail between Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso, you will meet few hikers.
Social distancing is still the order of the day. Where the distance between people cannot be maintained and in closed rooms, wearing the face mask is still mandatory, e.g. in the train. The staff in the shops and restaurants are very disciplined and always wear a “mascherina”. The guests do not to wear it, as the tables of the restaurants are outside and at a distance. The small shops may only be entered individually or in couples.
The hiking trails had been well maintained during the lockdown and have new markings. Of course, they stay steep :-) The sea is azure and clean. Nature has recovered, everything is very green and the birds are chirping against each other. The gelaterie attracts with new creative ice cream flavors and the residents are happy about every tourist who comes.
Since June 13th the boat service between La Spezia, Portovenere, the Cinque Terre and Levanto has become active again. However, with a limited number of passengers and reduced times. This will be expanded as needed.
The seafood tastes as good as last year and the prices have not increased. If you have the opportunity, we recommend traveling to Italy as soon as possible, everything is blooming and smelling and you can enjoy the most beautiful viewpoints in peace. Many holiday apartments are already occupied in August.

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