Naples (Napoli)

Arguably the most typical city in Italy is Naples. It is beautifully situated on the Gulf of Naples. From Naples you can see the islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida in clear weather.

The soil beneath Naples is of volcanic origin. Looming, Vesuvius stands at the gates of Naples. The nearby volcano has given Naples the tufa stone that people have used to build their homes and, in the past, underground water reservoirs. Tuff was already used by the Greeks in ancient times to build their temples and walls. Some caves served as places of worship and burial. The underworld of Naples is particularly impressive and can be visited with guides.

People have always used the fertility of volcanic soils to grow wine and fruit. This evolved into Neapolitan cuisine, which includes much more than pasta and the well-known Pizza Margarita.

Tourist Attractions in Naples

The complex of the alleyways of the old town dates back to Roman times. The world-famous SpaccaNapoli is the Roman parallel road to the sea, the Decumanum.

Here are attractions such as the cathedral with the chapel of San Gennaro, the church of San Lorenzo Maggiore, the church of mercy with the masterpiece of the painter Caravaggio: “Seven works of mercy” (Sette Opere di Miscorderia) the entrances to the tuff caves And the alley of the nativity makers.

Towards the sea, Napoli will be more fashionable with the wide avenue Corso Umberto I, the Galleria Umberto I of the same name, which resembles the covered Galleria in Milan and the Castel Nuovo.

The Piazza Plebiscito with its colonnades and the Palazzo Reale, which borders the San Carlo Theatre, are made.

In the traditional Caffetteria Gambrinus in Piazza Trieste e Trento, scholars and poets were already seated in animated exchanges.

The Spacca Napoli is a historic alley that cuts through Naples like a knife, hence the name.

At the literary café Gambrinus you should definitely let yourself be seduced

Experience an opera performance in one of the most beautiful opera houses in Italy. We have the current schedule of the San Carlo Opera House for you and are happy to organize a music tour with premium tickets and a nice program for 3 days with city tour, gourmet dinners and an apertivo in the artist caffé Gambrinus.

Already the Greeks discovered the unique beauty of the landscape and founded in the 8th century. b.c. The city of Parthenope. From antiquity, there are still numerous buildings and entire cities to admire in the vicinity of Naples. The most famous are the ones spilled by Mount Vesuvius and from the 19th jh. Etrenched cities to call Pompeii and Herculaneum. In addition, the Roman villas in the Gulf of Naples and the spa complex of Bacoli near Pozzuoli.

The Cathedral of Naples with the Succorpo Chapel and the relics of St. Januarius is known for the miracle of blood, which takes place three times a year.
The ampoules with the blood of St. Januarius are turned in a festive ceremony before the eyes of the audience. If the blood becomes liquid, all is well, but if the blood remains solid, then this is the prophecy for an imminent catastrophe.

Naples has outstanding works of art to offer.

First and foremost, the beautifully situated Capodimonte Museum in the former hunting palace of Carlo di Borbone, whose art collection, inherited and expanded by Alessandro Farnese, can be admired in the now world-famous museum.

Another jewel is the Carthusian monastery Certosa di San Martino on the Vomero hill.

In the chapel of San Severo in the old town is the statue of the “shrouded Christ” made of marble, which is worked as fine and transparent as if you could raise the shroud.

The entire area around Naples to Pozzuoli as well as the seabed in the Gulf of Naples to the island of Ischia is of volcanic origin.

Dominant, Mount Vesuvius towers over the Neapolitan Gulf. Mount Vesuvius is the best guarded volcano in Europe. A look inside the dangerous crater is a tingling experience. The ascent is easily possible on a wide path around the crater rim. Buses run regularly up to an altitude of 1000 meters, from where the footpath begins.

Campi Flegrei, the steamy flegracean fields with the Solfatara Crater near Pozzuoli, offer an interesting natural spectacle. The underground magma beneath the Phlegraean fields is thought to be a supervolcano that poses a major danger. The earth in Pozzuoli lifts and lowers constantly, this can be seen at the harbour basin.

The underworld of Naples from pre-Christian times.

Beautifully situated in the Gulf of Naples, in clear weather you can see the gorgeous island of Capri, the island of Ischia with its numerous thermal springs and the dreamy island of Procida. The nearby Gulf of Sorrento and the wildly romantic Amalfi Coast, with its fragrant lemon and orange plantations, are among the most beautiful coastlines in the world.

SSC Napoli plays at the San Paolo Stadium. They play at the top of the Italian league in the A series.

Our guide to Naples

Naples has Capodimonte Airport, which is just above the city, just a few minutes ‘ drive away.

You can travel comfortably from Rome or Milan on one of the high-speed trains.

We advise against travelling with your own vehicle. It’s difficult to find a parking space and the traffic is chaotic.

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From Naples, you can easily take the suburban Circumvesuviana train to Pompeii and Herculaneum and on to Pozzuoli to visit the ancient excavation sites and the dangerous volcanoes of Vesuvius and the Flegraean fields.

In the other direction, you drive directly to Sorrento.

From Naples, speedboats depart daily for the islands of Capri and Iscia with a stopover in Procida.

Our offers for your trip to Naples

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