Newsticker: 2020-04-05

Holy Shroud of Jesus, April 11, 2020

On Holy Saturday, April 11, the Archbishop of Turin will pray at the Holy Shroud of Turin. The Shroud of Jesus Christ is kept in the chapel of the Turin Cathedral.
Monsignor Nosiglia, the Archbishop of Turin, will pray in front of the shroud from 5 p.m. on Holy Saturday. In front of the image of the dead Christ, he will ask for his grace to overcome evil, as he did on the cross.
All over the world, the opening of the chest with the Holy Shroud is transmitted on television and social media. This is to convey a message of hope and faith to people all over the world at Easter: “The love with which Jesus gave his life is stronger than any suffering, any illness and contagion, any trial and discouragement”
The Holy Shroud of Turin was last publicly displayed in April 2015. It is tightly locked in Turin Cathedral in Piazza San Giovanni in the last chapel of the left nave under the royal tribune and is only rarely exhibited.

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