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Verona charms with its romantic image, seduced by the stories about Romeo and Juliet and likes to show its gentleness.

River Adige meanders through Verona, over which beautiful bridges lead, like the medieval Ponte Scaligero at Castelvecchio, which, with its battlements, is a popular photo opportunity.

Verona is especially recommended in the summer. Then you can enjoy a beautiful opera in the former Roman amphitheater, the Arena of Verona. The performance is in the open air.

The arena is located in Piazza Brà, a former Roman meadow. Life pulsates in the restaurants and bars near the arena.

Things To Do in Verona

The landmark of Verona is the arena. From mid-June to the end of August, the most beautiful outdoor operas are performed in the arena. In this historical setting, this is a special fun thing.

The Montecchi families of Romeo and the Capuleti family of Juliet were living in Verona. Both families were mentioned in Dante’s Divine Comedy and the Lovestory was processed in Shakespeare’s drama about Romeo and Juliet.

You can admire Julia’s house with the courtyard, where the famous balcony as well as a bronze statue of Juliet are located. It is meant to bring good luck to touch the bosom of the sculpture and leave a declaration of love on the designated wall.

Castelvecchio is a former Scaliger castel. It was completed in 1376. It has been restored several times and can be visited. The castle was surrounded by a moat. You can reach the castle via a beautiful bridge, which was destroyed by the Nazis in 1945 during their retreat, but then rebuilt faithfully. That’s the way it is here. You don’t just put a few concrete prefabricated slabs over the river.

Verona is very nice to explore on foot. A good guided tour of the city will take you to Arco dei Gavi, Porta Borsari, the church of San Lorenzo, Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza dei Signori. If there is still time, you go on to the church of Santa Anastasia, Ponte Pietra and San Zeno Maggiore, as well as to the Castel San Pietro.

It’s difficult to eat bad in Verona. The ice cream is particularly good. In the evening it is especially nice to eat in the area of the church of San Zeno, in Piazza Corrubbio, in one of the open-air restaurants.

Experience Verona

Most Garda holidaymakers arrive in Verona by car. You have to park outside the historic center. There are parking areas on the outer arch of the River Adige.

A large car park, also for buses, is located at the stadium, near Porta Nuova station. Please note the entrance fees for tourist buses in Verona!

If you can, we recommend arriving by train, you can avoid a lot of stress. It’s even better by plane. You can also book trips to the lake and the surrounding area with us. We pick you up at the hotel and organize the guided tours for you in German with licensed and very experienced tourist guides. We are pleased to be able to help you discover Verona. Our guides speak your language.

We have access to exclusive hotels on favourable terms in Verona. Specifically, we recommend:

  • Due Torri Hotel (5 stars)
  • HotelGabbia d ‘Oro (5 stars)
  • Hotel Colombar d ‘Oro (4 stars)
  • Grand Hotel des Arts (4 stars)
  • Hotel Accademia (4 stars)
  • Hotel Antico Porto Leonaa & Spa (4 stars)

Please include your desired hotel at the time of the inquiry, if this is important to you. Otherwise, the desired hotel category is enough information for us.

We have put together a tour for a day in Verona to discover the main sights.

The starting point for a city tour is Piazza Brà with the Arena. Via Roma leads to the Castelvecchio fortress on the Adige River. In the 14th century The Scala family built this fortress as a seat of domination. Today it is a museum. From Castelvecchio, the medieval Scaliger Bridge with the battlements leads across the Adige River.

Not far from Castelvecchio is on the main street Corso Cavour of the ancient Arc de Gavi triumphal arch of the Roman Gavi family from the 1st century. Already in Roman times this was the magistral under the name Via Postumia.

Another highlight in Corso Cavour is the Romanesque Basilica of San Lorenzo, which is entered by a late Gothic archway with the statue of San Lorenzo. When the wrought iron gate is closed, it is easy to overlook the church.

Across the street is Palazzo Bevilaqua and a few steps away is the small piazza with one of Verona’s oldest churches, the Church of the Holy Martyrs: The Church of the Santissima Trinità (Chiesa dei SS). Apoastoli e Sacello di Santi Tosca e Teuteria.

The Porta Borsari city gate was a Roman entrance gate to Verona, a kind of fortress at the entrance to the city, also in Via Postumia (Corso Cavour).

The tour continues to Piazza delle Erbe, the centre of Verona since ancient times. Piazza delle Erbe is one of the most beautiful squares in Italy with the fountain of the statue Madonna Verona. In the middle of the Piazza heritage rises the city tower, Torre dei Lamberti. The tower has a viewing platform at an altitude of 83 metres.

From Piazza delle Erbe you turn into Piazza dei Signori with the Palazzo del Comune and Palace of Justice.

Opposite are the tombs of the Scala family, the Scavi Scaligeri with the symbol of the Scala family of the spiral staircase, next to the small church of S. Maria Antica from the 8th century.

A few steps from Piazza delle Erbe, you can reach the house of Juliet. The Capuleti family home is in Via Cappello.

Corso Sant ‘Anastasia takes you to the Church of Sant ‘Anastasia in just a few steps.

From here you are almost back on the river, where the picturesque Ponte Pietra bridge connects the old town with the hill, where the archaeological museum with the Roman theatre and the Castel San Pietro are located.

From Verona you can make very nice day trips by car. Lake Garda is very close and if you have children with you then a visit to Gardaland is of course a must.

In the evening you are back in the beautiful city of Verona, where the adults will also have their joy at the end of the day. This is vacation.

If it’s not exactly mid-August, then Simione should be on the program. This is the finger that stretches from the south bank into Lake Garda and at the top there is a beautiful old Roman villa. You can book a guided tour with us so that you can discover the particularities of the site.

From Verona, a day trip to Mantua is also worthwhile. Here, too, we are happy to offer you a guided tour of the city in German or English. This will be remembered as the highlight of your trip to Italy.

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