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Italy in Autumn 2020

How is the corona crisis in Italy going in autumn 2020?

Italy in Times of Corona – Update November 7, 2020

Dear Amici of Italy,

Autumn has begun and the dreaded second wave of corona infections is rolling with it instead of the holiday wave. The state of emergency has been extended until January 2021. We want to give you an update on the new regulations.

The state of the corona emergency that began in March was extended by the Conte government until the end of January. On November 4, a new Prime Minister’s ordinance was issued.

The state of the corona emergency that began in March was extended by the Conte government until the end of January. On October 25, a new Prime Minister’s ordinance was issued. Chains of infection are tracked with a large number of tests.

It is important that you always have mouth and nose protection with you. Otherwise, there are fines between 400 and 1000 €. The use of the everyday mask is compulsory in all closed and public areas (hotels, restaurants, bars, museums, shops), in all public transport. The mask should be worn outdoors if the distance of approx. 1.5 m between people cannot be maintained. This applies in particular to inner cities, strolling in the pedestrian zones, but also parks and sometimes even hiking trails. When entering public facilities, hand disinfectant is available and the temperature is measured automatically. This also applies to means of transport, supermarkets, hotels, museums, churches, football stadiums, etc.

Streets or squares in urban centers, where gathering situations can be created, can be closed to the public after 9.00 pm.

Tourism is down and governments are issuing corona travel warnings for regions. If you still don’t want to leave it and want to use the time until the epidemic subsides with a safe journey, we recommend our new programs, in which you can exercise a lot in the fresh air. In many parts of Italy, there is a mild climate even in the winter months and you can strengthen your immune system by taking a walk by the sea. Here are some of our hiking suggestions that we hiked ourselves. And if you don’t go now, just enjoy the beautiful pictures and look forward to vacation next year. Are you a golfer? Then we recommend a combined golf holiday where you can play golf on a golf course in a beautiful landscape and try the fresh regional products and visit interesting places.

Travel through Italy is possible without restrictions even if it is strongly recommended not to travel in this corona time. For some regions: Calabria, Apulia, Sardinia and Sicily you need a corona declaration that must be submitted to the authorities, which can also be submitted online. Information such as the state of health and the last whereabouts are requested. The portals are available in Italian and English and for Sardinia also in German. Additional measures can be decided individually by each region in the event of increasing numbers of infections.

It is also possible to take public transport although it is strongly recommended not to move except for work, study, health reasons or necessary services.

  • Supermarkets and shops are open.
  • Hairdresser and cosmetic studios are open.
  • Restaurants and bars are open until 6 p.m.
  • Museums are open with limited admissions.
  • Public transport is regularly.
  • Theaters, concert halls, cinemas and other spaces, even outdoors, are closed. Even dance halls and discos are closed until.
  • Gyms, swimming pools and Spas are closed until 24 November. Sports events and competitions for individual and team sports are suspended.

The New Corona Measures in Italy

Italy is again in partial lockdown. A nightly curfew has been imposed from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Depending on the infection situation, Italy was divided into green, yellow, orange and red zones. The red zones with high infection rates include Lombardy, Piedmont, Aosta Valley and Calabria.

The following are closed in the red zone:

  • Universities and schools from intermediate level
  • Non-everyday shops and shopping malls
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Museums and theaters
  • Sports facilities and clubs
  • Cosmetic studios and spa

Are open

  • Kindergartens and elementary schools
  • Grocery stores and pharmacies
  • Hotels (the hotel restaurant is open for guests)
  • Hairdressers and barber
  • Public transport runs with a capacity of 50%

Allowed are

  • Physical activity close to where you live
  • Trips for shopping within the place of residence

Are forbidden

  • Leaving the region and the country (only possible with a valid reason)
  • Leaving the place of residence (only for trips to work, medical reasons, urgent family matters)
  • Ceremonies, celebrating and forming groups both outdoors and indoors
  • Picnic and consumption of alcohol outdoors

What’s next at the Teatro alla Scala?

All performances until December are suspended.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants close at 6 p.m. at the latest. The distance between the tables has been increased. A disinfectant gel is available at the entrance. A maximum of four people are allowed per table. Mouth and nose protection is mandatory for all employees and guests (including when going to the toilet). If you sit at the table, the mask can be removed. Credit card payment is recommended to avoid contact with cash.
Many restaurants also offer take-away menus. There are more tables outside, these are heated with spotlights as far as possible in winter. We recommend making a reservation.
In bars and restaurants, the drink is exclusively at the table where there cannot be more than 4 people. It is not permitted to stand in front of the bars in groups. Bars close at 6 p.m. No alcoholic beverages may be offered to take away. Furthermore, it is not permitted to park outdoors such as in public parks, on picnic areas, etc. to consume.

Cinemas and Theaters

Shows in public in theatrical halls, concert halls, cinemas and in other spaces, even outdoors, are suspended. Even dance halls and discos are closed until further notice.


You can go to museums during normal opening hours, but with limited admissions.

Guided Tours

Educational trips and school trips are also suspended, as well as guided tours.

Outdoor activities

Individual and group excursions can take place outdoors, provided the minimum distance is observed and mouth and nose protection is worn.
The mask is not necessary for sporting activities (jogging, cycling), but must be carried and put on when the sport is interrupted or ended.

Gyms and Spas

Gyms, swimming pools and spas are closed until 24 November. Sports events and competitions for individual and team sports are suspended.

Ceremonies and Festivals

For ceremonies and weddings, max. 30 people admitted. It is also recommended to avoid private parties or limit guests to a maximum of 6 if they do not come from the same household. No indoor or outdoor parties are allowed.

News from Italy

Teatro La Fenice ©[email protected] -

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The 2024 season will open at La Scala in Milan on 7 December 2023. The opera Don Carlo by Giuseppe Verdi starring Anna Netrebko will be performed.
Teatro Giuseppe Verdi Busseto ©Festival Verdi

Verdi Festival 2024 Parma

The Festival Verdi takes place every year in September and October, on the occasion of the Maestro’s birthday. The operas and concerts of Giuseppe Verdi will be performed at the Teatro Regio in Parma, the Teatro Farnese and the Teatro Verdi in Busseto.
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Teatro alla Scala – Season 2024

Every year on December 7th, is the most important day at La Scala in Milan of global importance. The Verdi opera Don Carlos is on the program of the opening night, a new production under the direction of the renowned conductor Riccardo Chailly and with star casts.
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, ,
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Bocelli Lajatico

, ,
... Just to say thank you for organising this event. It was a fantastic evening. And now a first day in San Gimignano. Again thanks, eveyrthing went very smoothly
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Italy’s Capital of Culture 2020 and 2021

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La Scala Premiere 2021

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La Scala Corona Autumn

La Scala in Corona Autumn 2020. Due to the corona infections, the Teatro alla Scala is postponing planned schedule for the new season. The theater currently seats around 600 people instead of the 2200 spectators.
Scala blue loge milano24ore

La Scala after Covid-Lockdown

On September 12th, 2020 La Scala Milan it will finally start again with a reworked fall season with La Traviata, Aida, La Boheme and ballet. At the opening on September 12, the orchestra will play Beethoven's Ninth Symphony conducted by Riccardo Cailly.
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Music Summer Ravello 2020

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Andrea Bocelli in Tuscany on July 24 and July 26, 2020

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