Newsticker: 2020-06-20

Italy reopens after Covid-19

Travel safe keep distance - A guided bicycle tour to the Uneso world heritage site

The New Freedom after the Lockdown

Dear Amici of Italy,

During the long lockdown period, we found that there was a lot we could do without, but the longing for family and friends, for ice cream and outdoor exercise, and for vacation was omnipresent. Now the time has come. Traveling to Italy is possible . Many guests wrote to us that they would like to come back to Italy as soon as possible. But it should be safe!

We are all working hard and thinking so that you can travel safely to Italy again soon. The big cities are currently quiet and not very busy. You will never experience Italy so beautiful and relaxed again. New programs are in preparation for which we would like to inspire you.

The following measures will have to be followed for a while for your and the safety of the staff:

  • In restaurants and bars, the distances between the tables have been increased. Many restaurants offer take away menus. Mouth-nose masks are mandatory for the stuff. In indoor restaurants for guests, too, when you leave your table. We recommend making a reservation.
  • In public transport (airports, train stations, metro, buses, trains, planes, ferries), there is a mask requirement for employees and guests. The distance rules must be observed. Inputs and outputs are separated. We recommend buying tickets online if possible.
  • City tours and bike tours: There is a mask requirement for tour guides and guests. Compliance with the distance rules. We recommend headphones for groups of more than 4 people. The groups should not be larger than 10 people. Larger groups are divided.
  • Museums: Almost the museums has been opend with mask requirements for employees and guests as well as compliance with the distance rules. Entries and Exits are separated. We recommend booking and buying tickets online.
  • Shops and supermarkets: there is a requirement for masks for employees and visitors. The number of people per store is limited.
  • Hotels offer breakfast and dinner at the table. There is no longer a buffet, so the minimum distance can be maintained, for which personal mouth-nose masks are mandatory. Masks for guests are only required outdoors if the distances cannot be guaranteed. Reservation is requested. Overall, it is important to observe the distance rules.
  • Sports and great events: Sports clubs resume training in compliance with the distance rules. Championships and football events take place without visitors.
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