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    The Royal Savoy Castle of Venaria Reale and the Park la Mandria

Venaria Reale and the Royal Court of Savoy

Venaria Reale is a small town about 10 km outside of Turin. The city is famous as the former residence of the House of Savoy. The Reggia di Venaria Reale Royal Palace and the La Mandria Nature Park are located on the site.

The royal palace is one of the royal palaces of the Savoy and was included in the Unesco World Heritage Site in 1997. The Savoy residence is one of the largest royal castles. The castle includes the town (borgo) where the domestic staff lived, the royal gardens, a landscape work of art that extends over 60 hectares. La Mandria Park used to be the actual hunting ground for which the residence was built.

The royal castle Venaria Reale

The Royal Palace was first built in the middle of the 17th century as a hunting palace for the Savoy family. The place Venaria was built temporarily. The access to the royal palace was emphasized by the wide avenue. Craftsmen and artists settled in the village. Today you can stroll in the old town, the borgo antico, and have a nice meal.
An extensive restoration of the castle and the place was carried out by 2007. Since then, the Venaria Reale has become a great magnet for visitors.

Belong to the royal castle

  • the Reggia, the royal court with its stately baroque halls, in the i.a. Exhibitions take place and where you can admire the Room of Diana by Amedeo di Castellamonte
  • the castle garden, a 60 hectare English garden
  • the square in front of the entrance to the royal castle was Piazza ad Esedra (today Piazza della Repubblica) with the clock tower Torre dell’Orologio and the chapel of St. Humbertus Cappella Sant’Uberto
  • the building complex of the horse stables
  • the 3,000 hectare La Mandria park
  • 80/5000 The castle of the Mandria with the royal living quarters in the middle of the La Mandria park

In the village, borgo antico, the central square of Venaria Reale is modeled on the knight’s collar of the Order of Annunciations. The Order Annunziaten was the highest honor of the House of Savoy. The architect Castellamonte designed the round square Santissima Annunziata with two twin churches.

The village Venaria Reale can be reached by S-Bahn or by bike from Turin. The town has its own motorway exit. Parking spaces are available.

Groups with guides must be registered. The daily number of admitted groups is limited. Guided tours through the historic village and the castle with the castle garden and the La Mandria park can be organized. The program of temporary exhibitions in the Royal Palace is also interesting. Milano24ore is happy to help organize a day’s program with a tourist guide in German or another language, tickets and a headphone system as well as lunch.

Guided tours and tastings in Turin and Venaria Reale

You can book private tours with tickets to the Venaria Reale Royal Castle and guided tours of La Mandria Park.

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