• Maiori - an Elegant Seaside Resort

Maiori is the village with the most beautiful and longest beach on the Amalfi Coast and is therefore a particularly popular seaside resort. The picturesque village at the end of Valle dei Tramonti lives mainly from tourism. A group of little white houses around a golden cathedral, a dignified tower, terraces of lemons and the scent of citrus fruits, this is Maiori. The small town combines the old with the new and modern. Art and relaxation are combined on a modern palm-lined promenade and in the elegant hotels with pools.

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What To See In Maiori?

To this day it is not known exactly who the real founders of the place are. Originally it was called “Reghinna Major”, named after the river Reginna. It is known, however, that Maiori was ruled by the Etruscans and later by the Romans as early as 700 BC. Later it belonged to the Maritime Republic of Amalfi.

A lot has been built and reconstructed in Maiori in recent years. The Reginna river, which comes from the mountains and flows through the middle of the town into the sea, was given a new river bed under a flower cover of geraniums. From the church of Santa Maria a Mare you have a wonderful view of the coast.

Ships to Amalfi, Positano, Salerno and the island of Capri leave from the newly built port of Maiori. The ship connection between the coastal towns often saves the tedious journey over clogged roads.

When strolling along the beach promenade in the evening, you will meet well-dressed people and sit down to eat in one of the restaurants to indulge in the fresh fish dishes and wines of the region. After dinner, it is particularly romantic to have a cocktail in one of the bars under the lemon trees. The Bar Pineta in Corso Reginna is a meeting and communication point for the local young people. This is where you meet up or leave a message that your friend will find later. With a little luck, you can get a free table on summer evenings.

On Fridays there is a colorful market on Corso Reginna. In addition to local specialties (cheese, salami, ham, limoncello and the sweets made from lemons) the latest fashion and chic shoes are offered at bargain prices.

Amalfi Coast Map

The picturesque villages of the Amalfi Coast are located in the Gulf of Salerno in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Please follow the links below to learn more about the towns listed from West to East.

Map of the Amalfi Coast, Italy
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