Italy, the Best Cities and Landscapes to Visit

The Best Cities in Italy

In our Italy travel guide, you will find travel tips for the best places in Italy to visit and the most beautiful cities in Italy and their sights. You will find the best cities on the map of Italy marked in color with the associated capital of the region.

Capitals of the Regions of Italy

On the map of Italy, you can find the capitals of the 20 Italian regions. These are the best places to visit in Italy.

Map of Italian Cities

You can hover over the dots on the map to see the name of the city. A click will bring you to the page of that city.


The best Places to Visit in Italy

Find on the map of Italy the best cities and places that you should see on your trip to Italy.

Travel Tips for the Best Cities in Italy

This section of our travel guide to Italy introduces the best cities in Italy. The rich culture of Italy is impressively reflected in cities. Here, old things are preserved, artfully restored, and continue to be used. New developments are created by famous architects. They blend in very nicely.

Turin is famous for the Shroud of Turin

Fiat City, Olympic City, Chocolate – Turin is still an insider’s tip. We recommend the Egyptian Museum, a guided city walk with tastings and a wine tasting of the famous Barolo.

Milan, the Buzzling City of Fashion & Design

Milan is the Engine of Italy, a stronghold of fashion and design. And in the middle of it all is the massive cathedral and the Last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci. Friends of classical music  come to Milan for a perforamance at the Teatro alla Scala. You can make wonderful excursions to Monza, Bergamo, Cremona, Lake Como or Lake Maggiore.

Verona with its Roman Amphitheater in a charming city

Be seduced in the city of lovers Romeo and Juliet and visit their birthplaces. On balmy summer evenings, beautiful classic operas are performed in the 2000-year-old arena. From Verona it is only a stone throw to Lake Garda, to Mantua, Vicenza as well as to the wine-growing region of the Bardolino.

Venice, the city on water

Like in a painting, part of the city lies peacefully in the water and invites you to take walks. Art lovers get their money’s worth. Unforgettable a visit to the opera with arrival in a gondola or a water taxi. Lunch on the Grand Canal by the Rialto Bridge in Venice and a noble, historic neighborhood for the night near San Marco.

Gourmet Food, University and the Arcades of Bologna

The strange towers in the city center will be remembered, including the oldest university in Europe and the arcades in the Medieval city center of Bologna. Excellent cuisine (not just Spaghetti Bolognese), maybe a visit to Ducati or a trip to Imola or Mugello racetracks with a test drive.

Florence is a Celebration of Renaissance Architecture

The city of the Medici, the birthplace of the Renaissance, one of the richest cities in Europe in the Middle Ages. Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region. Even today, this wealth is still reflected in the sacred buildings and palaces of the city, which are well maintained and kept. Culinary highlights await you after an extended city tour.

Rome, the Eternal City on the Tiber river

You will quickly feel why Rome has been so called for over 2,000 years. Bring some time. You will not be disappointed. Visit St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel. Enjoy an evening stroll through the city centre. This is where Life is home.

Naples, Under the Vulcanoe

With over 400 historic churches and an imminent Volcano in its neck, the city seems cheerful. A guided city walk, a view into the underworld, a trip to Pompeii, a view from the crater rim of Mount Vesuvio over the gulf of Naples and a trip to the Amalfi Coast will be remembered.

Matera. Europe’s Capital of Culture 2019 and UNESCO World Heritage Site

Guided tours, very interesting Hotels in the city of caves. Matera is a good starting point for further trips around the boot heel. In 1950, it was still a stain on Italy, it is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. See for yourself what citizens can do.

Palermo the Capitol of the Island in the Sun

Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque? This magnificent seaside town has everything. And if UNESCO had an award for the Cuisine, then it would also be a World Heritage. Flight to Palermo, car hire only after 3 days in the city and then on a round trip. A dream.

Cultural Gems of the Padana

Away from the Metropolises, you can come across gems and the culture of old mansions. On a round trip you can choose between the following pretty places, some of Which are still insider tips: Bergamo, Monza, Brescia, Mantua, Cremona, Pavia, Vicenza, Padua, Ferrara, Parma, Modena.

Must See Tuscany Towns

The medieval places of Tuscany exert an irresistible charm and each city has its own craftsmanship. Visit Siena, Lucca, San Gimignano, Pisa, Volterra and the rocky towns of south Tuscany on your Tuscany trip. Culinary also very inspiring.

Val di Noto

After a severe earthquake, the towns in the “Val di Noto” were rebuilt In the Sicilian Baroque style and are now part of the World Heritage Site of Humanity. These include Ragusa, Noto, Caltagirone, Scicli and Modica, which has also become famous for its very special chocolate. But even in Catania, the baroque influence is unmistakable.

Regions and Landscapes for Your Trip to Italy

Italy is divided into 20 regions, which are marked in different colors on the Italy map.

Map of Italy

You can hover over the dots on the map to see the name of the city. A click will bring you to the page of that city.

The most Beautiful Landscapes for a Vacation in Italy

Italy has wonderful coastlines, fascinating mountains, crystal clear lakes and active volcanoes in a very small space. In any case, the landscapes in Italy are very varied and you will be surprised by the variety. A vacation is too short to explore the beauties of Italy.

Charming Landscapes of Italy

Italy offers a variety of remarkable landscapes and areas that we like to visit again and again. Please explore our travel tips for Italian landscapes and nature.

We know Piedmont primarily from the advertising of Piemont cherries. But It is also home to white truffles, children’s chocolate, and excellent wines from the Langhe area (Barolo, Alba, Asti). Beautiful landscapes invite you for a hike.

From the Alps in the north to the picturesque lakes, surrounded by mountains and into Europe’s largest lowlands with beautiful river landscapes and charming cultural cities, you can discover the diversity of Lombardy. Discover the best places to visit in Lombardy with it’s beautiful landscapes.

South of the Alps, after the Ice Age, some lakes in northern Italian have formed that are beautiful and easy to reach. From west to east, the largest are Lake Maggiore, Lake Como, Lake Iseo, and Lake Garda. Mild sea climate In which palm trees grow. The surrounding mountains, as well as enchanted Islands, invite you to linger.

The number 5 in the name of the area stands for the five villages of the Cinque Terre that are glued to the rock a popular holiday destination for hikers and walkers. Photographers are richly rewarded with good motifs. The best way to experience this region is on foot and arriving by train. Parking is scarce.

During the time of the economic miracle, when the Germans could afford the Italian holiday, the Adriatic coast at Rimini was also referred to as the Teuton grill. That has changed. Today, elegant lidos along the beautiful coastal resorts of Emilia Romagna from Ravenna to Cattolica await their guests. Also through the Marche region, the Adriatic coast stretches with flat sand stands to the peninsula with the Gargano National Park, which is already located in Puglia. The Adriatic coast in the south becomes even more diverse, where at Polignano a Mare an impressive perforated cliff carries the beautiful holiday resort.

Probably the most famous region of Italy is Tuscany with its wines and landscapes with flowering rapeseed, majestic cypresses and huge umbrella trees. A round trip via Siena, Florence, Volterra, Gimignano, Montepulciano, Montalcino. No, time is never enough.

Umbria offers its guests a green hilly landscape, on whose peaks places from the Middle Ages rise: Assisi, Perugia, Orvieto. The Trasimenian Lake with a beautiful island in its center (Restaurant, walk) is a relaxing holiday area. Perugia is also known for its “Underworld”.

No, this is not about soccer, but about the beautiful landscapes of the Latium in the Roman hinterland. The Alban Hills and the Roman castles have always been a magnet for the painters of romanticism and are also known as the pope’s summer residence (Castel Gandolfo).

This coastal strip doesn’t just excite Hollywood. The Amalfi Coast is one of the most fascinating landscapes in Italy. Here you will find the most beautiful and expensive hotels in Italy, wonderful restaurants that can only be reached by sea, and hiking trails reserved for the “Gods.” The sunsets on the Amalfi Coast are even more beautiful than in Monte Carlo and the spectacular Amalfitana coastal road is just for experts. Take a credit card with you.

In Apulia, you can combine beach holidays and gourmet holidays while still enjoying a bit of culture. For lovers of fish and seafood, Puglia is a paradise. The highest quality fruit and vegetables, fresh from the field, almonds and pistachios, olive oil and milk and meat from free-wheeling cattle (before slaughter), makes Puglia the land of gourmets.

The most famous holiday resort in Calabria is Tropea, also known for a very special red onion, so mild that you can even make jam out of It. In addition to holidays by the sea, there are a few particularly beautiful places not to be missed, such as Pizzo, Scilla, and Reggio Calabria. The drive through the country leads through almost infinite orange groves.

The Eolian Islands (Lipari Islands) are of volcanic origin. Known is the Island of Stromboli, which was formed from a picture book volcano. In addition, Formica (small as an Ant), Vulcano (self-explanatory), Salina (salty), and the main island Lipari. Ferries run between the Islands like regular buses.

The Sun Island of Sicily is known for the movies about the Godfather Don Corleone and Commissario Montalbano. Anyone who has ever visited Taormina, Syracuse, Cefalù or the nature parks Zingaro and the salt flats has been gripped by the longing forever. At every turn, you’ll find the traces of our millennia-old past.

Italy is home to Europe’s most active Volcano, Mount Etna near Catania in Sicily with a height of over 3000 metres. The Stromboli and Vulcano are active in the Liparian Islands (Eoli). More dangerous is the Vesuvio that destroyed Pompeii nearly 2,000 Years ago and the adjacent Phlegraean Fields near Pozzuoli. The active volcanoes are among the most exciting landscapes in Italy.

Dreamlike beaches, crystal clear sea, and very special cuisine. Sardinia a Paradise for sunbathers, divers, and water sports enthusiasts. Anthropologists and archeologists can also please their thirst for knowledge here. There’s also the Pecorino (hard cheese from goat milk) and great local wines. Nature lovers will find wild horses and flamingos.


Travel Tips for Gourmets

Italy is one of the most diverse culinary destinations. The delicious Mediterranean cuisine is considered an elixir for a long healthy life. Each region produces products that are a delight, not only for gourmets.
The typical products and regional dishes are just as varied as the landscapes in Italy. Each region has its own specialties products and recipes. The product’s origin is always very important. We learned that the best basil comes from Liguria, the capers from Salina or Lampedusa, the almonds from Sicily and the pistachios from Broni. And almost everywhere, Wine is grown. And again, every region has it’s own specialty with a distinct taste.

Langhe Wine. Cheese and Chocolate. Try a Glass of Barolo Chinato with some chocolate.

Lombardy and Veneto Are famous for the sparkling wine and Venetian Prosecco. Rice is grown In Lombardy. The best rice grows in the area of Lomelina. You need him for risotto. Polenta with Gorgonzola is also popular. Delicious.

Parma Ham, Parmesan Cheese, Tortellini, Balsamic Vinegar from Modena. The most famous wine variety is Sangiovese Romagna.

The most famous Vineyards are Chianti around Greeve, Montepulciano, Montalcino and in southern Tuscany the Wine-growing region of the Morellino di Scansano. There are a number of super wines worth a trip for. There are the so-called “aia” wines, Sassicai, Ornelaia, Solai as well as the Tignanello and the Masseto. These names alone make hearts beat faster. The taste of course best at the location with a good meal.

The T-bone steak “Fiorentina,” The Lardo Di Collonata and strong salami are known on meat specialities.

Let’s remember. Many famous people have their second homes here. Foodies.

In the Middle of Italy You will be entertained with wine from Frascati, suckling pig from Ariccia, sheep cheese and hearty soups. A fried Artichoke must also be tasted.

The capital of Campania is Naples, the birthplace of pizza. The World Cup for Pizzaiolo is held there every year. Something very special is the Panzerotto. A stuffed and then fried mini pizza. Delicious. The Mozzarella is made here from buffalo milk. In addition, you have the fantastic local tomatoes, the best olive oil, basil. This is called Insalata Caprese.

Puglia offers a huge variety of culinary delights at any time of the year. The fertile land produces olives, vegetables and fruits as well as plenty of pasta varieties and taralli (ring-shaped salty biscuit perfect with wine). Fresh fish and seafood are not missing at any meal. Famous wine with a simple name: Primitivo, red, full aroma. In California, it is called Zinfandel.

Vegetable rolls artfully filled and not spicy. Or Spaghetti with mussels and the ‘ Nduja, a seasoning sausage, nice spicy. And then the Tropea Onion, delightfully mild as a starter or with the meat or as jam with cheese. In viticulture, we are based on local varieties that we do not even know in the North. Mainly red wine is produced (90%).

Start with a refreshing Granita, A half-frozen fruit juice, just like that. At the fish market in Catania raw fish, in the restaurant fish Aqua Pazza (cooked in dirty water literally). Caponata, eggplant with capers and some vinegar and sugar. Desserts with almonds and pistachios. Wonderful tasty white wines.

From Sardinia we know the magnificent Pecorino, a hard cheese made from sheep milk. And then the hefty sea-scented Bottarga. Dried, pressed, smoked fish roe from Tuna or Mullet. Grated over Spaghetti, some onion, olive oil and lemon zest. Of course, wine is also grown, and a spectacle. Cannonau, red and Vermentino white. It doesn’t need more than that.


Getting Married in Italy

Italy is very popular as a wedding location. On the one hand, the formal processes are not too difficult and on the other hand, the hosts really understand what is important at such an important family celebration. Our experienced wedding planners will be happy to help you find the best locations in Italy for your dream wedding and organize everything.

We organize your Venetian wedding in a unique setting. Those who marry in Venice return again and again. It’s just a dream. There’s something reassuring about it. Everyone comes on foot or over the water. Unforgettable.

Enjoy your wedding dream in the city of immortal lovers Romeo and Juliet.

The small historical places on the picturesque lakeside provide a romantic backdrop for an unforgettable dream wedding.

Feel like a star on the day of your wedding and let yourself be pampered by the unique atmosphere in the ambience of a historic villa. A wedding overlooking a lake is certainly quite Feng Shui. 风水.

Lake Maggiore, with its mountains and romantic lakeside spots, offers wonderful scenic backgrounds for a romantic flair.

Getting married during a holiday trip to Italy to Tuscany is a real highlight and is becoming increasingly popular.

A civil wedding ceremony in Rome is something quite extraordinary and comes at a proud price. A Roman alternative is Tivoli. You are also there in a fabulously beautiful and historic setting for your seaside wedding.

Paradisiacal marriages in Italy in the country where the lemons bloom, where love and longing merge.

In Italy, the Puglia region is particularly popular and primed for great weddings by the sea and with exceptional delicacies in a stately villa.

One of Sicily’s most romantic places for a wedding ceremony is Taormina and ideal for a wedding on holiday.

Picturesque weddings on the sunny beach with the whole family and a big party in the open air. Our wedding planners are happy to help you organize.

Couples who have been happily married for many years can reaffirm their love once again with a high-quality ceremony. Italy offers a fantastic backdrop for this.

Milan is perfect for a Sex & The City stag or hen party. Celebrate your bachelorette party for a weekend trip to Milan or on bord of a sailing boat in Tuscany.

The Best Cities of Strong Engines for Cool People

Italy is the country of powerful engines and provides an adrenaline rush. You just have to say the names Ferrari-Lamborghini-Ducati-Moto Guzzi and everyone is awake. We have developed programs in the best places and through the most beautiful landscapes in Italy for self-drivers and spectators, which are not only interesting for men.

Races are also held here outside the annual F1 weekend. And you can also do a few laps yourself privately.

On the roof of the historic Lingotto plant is the test track, which will soon become accessible for the public.

Everything you want to know about Ferrari can be found in the museum in Maranello with a driving simulator and the possibility of a factory tour. We offer you an organized short trip with test drive, museum, and culinary interludes.

In the northern suburb of Bologna is the main plant and the headquarters of Ducati with a very beautiful company museum.

The San Marino Grand Prix was held in Imola, which is located in Italy. Today you go to Imola for the motorcycle race. Imola is also Ferrari’s test track.

Flitting through Rome on a Vespa is, of course, also an experience. This is not a superbike, but it is still nice.

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