News ticker: 2018-12-01

Venice demands entry fees

The entrance fee to Venice is a matter decided

2019 is still a transitional year with discounted tariffs. From 2020 it will be up to business and it is not easy to see through now.
From 1 January 2020, admission staggered will be €3 to €10 depending on the season. For events such as Carnival, where the city is always overwhelmed by tourists, €10 can be expected, in the low season (December, January) it will probably be only €3 per person.
The problem has arisen in particular from the cruise ships, where up to 5000 people disembark at a stroke and flood the alleyways. This type of tourist is particularly hated by the city fathers. The ships destroy the building base with their currents and the day tourists leave their garbage there without consuming accordingly. For their meals, everyone is back on board, because full board is already booked and paid for.

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