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"La bohème" by Giacomo Puccini on July 14st at the Puccini Festival 2023. It is possible to listen to the beautiful music of Puccini from the incredible natural stage at Torre del Lago in Tuscany. You discover Lucca, the birth home of Giacomo Puccini.

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2023-07-14 21:15:00 2023-07-14 23:45:00 Torre del Lago (LU)(Tuscany), Via delle Torbiere, Torre del Lago

“La bohème” by Giacomo Puccini on July 14st at the Puccini Festival 2023. It is possible to listen to the beautiful music of Puccini from the incredible natural stage at Torre del Lago in Tuscany. You discover Lucca, the birth home of Giacomo Puccini.


The Puccini Festival 2023 in Tuscany is a summer dream for fans of classical music and Italian opera. Every year, near the beautiful Tuscan cities of Lucca , Pisa and Viareggio hosts the Giacomo Puccini Festival in summer when days are hot and nights are gentle.

It was a great wish of the Italian composer Giacomo Puccini to perform his operas right on the shore of Lake Massaciuccoli, where he had composed them. Just six years after Puccini’s death, 1930, the opera “La Bohème”  was the first performance on an amazing lake stage. Now you can enjoy Puccini’s operas at the lakeside stage built for his 150th birthday at Lake Massaciuccoli. It is just a 10 minutes drive from the beach at the Ligurian Sea. The music trip will see you give yourself up through the soft music of Giacomo Puccini. We can show you the extraordinary beauty of Puccini’s land and the close bond between the Maestro and the area. You can visit his birthplace and home in Lucca, the places of his childhood and youth, and the house museum in Torre del Lago.
Our proposal allows you to get to know Giacomo Puccini as a man: a talented and fascinating man who loved hunting and cars. You can enjoy the Maestro’s music from a new point of view.


La Bohème– Puccini Festival Torre del Lago 2023

Since its world premiere in Turin in 1896, the opera La Bohème has been one of the most popular operas. It was Giacomo Puccini’s longing wish to hear his operas in the place on the lakeshore where he composed them. Six years after his death, La Bohème was first performed on the natural stage of the lake of Torre del Lago. For lovers of classical music and Italian operas, it is a dream to enjoy the soft music of Giacomo Puccini in the open air in the warm air. The Puccini Music Festival takes place every summer in the beautiful Tuscan city of Lucca.

The story of La Bohème

On a Christmas Eve in Paris, the writer Rodolfo and the painter Marcello sit hungrily and freezing in front of the cold stove.
The philosopher Colline comes home in a bad mood. Only the musician Schaunard had earned a little money and bought wine and firewood. You want to spend Christmas Eve in the Momus Café. Rodolfo has another item to do when there is a knock on the door. Mimi, the seamstress, asks for a fire for the candle. Mimi stays and Rodolfo falls in love with the seamstress. Rodolfo brings Mimi to Café Momus. Musette is there too. The old friend Marcello sends her rich lover away and hugs her former lover Marcello. Marcello and Musetta often quarrel and Rodolfo and Mimi are about to break up. Mimi is unhappy and terminally ill. A few months later: Rodolfo wants to see the terminally ill Mimi one last time. Musetta drags Mimi up the stairs to the apartment, where Marcello and Rodolfo do their work. To help the sick Mimi, the friends sell their things, only Rodolfo stays with Mimi, where she sings her love for Rodolfo one last time. When the friends return with the presents, Mimi dies.

Select a date for a performance of the open-air Puccini Festival in Torre del Lago / Lucca. The travel package includes a premium ticket and accommodation for your music trip to Italy.
If you prefer a package with typically Italian moments, before the performance you can enjoy an Italian aperitif with fine finger food from the region as an additional service in a historic bar in a very relaxed atmosphere. Experience the Italian lifestyle in a selected restaurant with fresh local Tuscan cuisine. We organize trips to Tuscany as well as Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, and the Tuscan Chianti countryside with private transport and typical cuisine. Each activity of the trip is tailored to your needs. Sit back and let yourself be pampered with the Italian Dolce Vita lifestyle with good wine and local food and enjoy your well-deserved vacation. This service package is available for single travelers, couples, and groups. During your trip to Italy, you will receive our telephone support.

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